What is more important than:

  • the quality time you have in your life
  • to spend with the people you love
  • doing things you enjoy in full health?

For most of us who are growing older we have come to appreciate more and more that quality time really means being healthy as we live longer. That's why it is critical to know as much as possible about anti-aging knowledge and the life extension methods that actually work for people with different physiologies and living in various circumstances.

Frankly, it is not possible for one person to keep track and stay up to date about just what is available already, let stand find out all of the new things that are constantly being developed.

That is why I am so pleased that VRCities has launched its Wellness Initiative and am able to partner with them to bring you my Anti-Aging and Life Extension (AALF) Inner Circle Program.

"I am pleased that Violet has partnered with VRCities to bring her energy and expertise in the areas of wellness and anti-aging to this important endeavor. All of us have a big stake in each other's well-being and need to act on that by working together to make our lives better."

You will surely benefit from your participation in Violet's Anti-Aging Inner Circle and the VRCities Wellness Initiative."

Jim Namaste, M.P.A, Ph.D.
Founder, United People for Prosperity


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